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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

This is my new favorite thing

This is real art


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… im pretty sure tony left this here when i let him use my account one time for a project


Vi by zippo514

Punch first. Ask questions while punching.


Hello everyone! I’ll be back to Japan for quite some time and would love to give all my sweet followers a chance of some really nice souvenirs. *(*´∀`*)☆

Welcome to the Japan Souvenir Shopping Giveaway 

ENDS September 25th 2014

What can you win?

  • A handpicked souvenir package from Japan! The package can include:
  • Anime/ Manga / etc. merchandise! Give me a fandom, character or ship and I’ll make sure to get you a nicely themed suprise pack 
  • Sweets, fashion, accessories, stationary and other little somethings! You’ve always wanted those really pretty tights? Maybe a nice bento box? Or just copious amounts of screen tone? Choose your deal and you’ll have something to look forward to in your mail box.
  • ANYTHING ELSE! Is there something you’d just really like to get from Japan? I’ll try my best to get it for you, just tell me what’s on your wishlist.

How many winners?

  • There will be two winners!
  • The first winner: will get a nice package full of everything I can get for up to 4,000¥ (exceptions for more might be made)!
  • The second winner: will get a smaller but equally nice package for half the money I’ll spend on the first winner!


  • One like = one entry
  • One reblog = one entry (remember that your reblogs only show up if you reblog from different people, so reblogging the post from the same person will only give you one note!)
  • You need to be following me since this is a giveaway for my lovely followers who always make me smile!
  • The winners will be messaged after the giveaway ends. You have one week to reply or else I’ll pick someone new.
  • Of course you have to be comfortable with giving me your address. If you are under 18 please ask your parents for permission first!

I will ship internationally.

Have fun and good luck everyone! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

2005 - Pooh's Heffalump Movie

it looks darker than i thought it would be c: 


Ctenophora or “Comb Jelly” is a basic marine deep-sea organism that use its distinguishing “comb rows” (groups of cilia which are similar to small tentacles on tentacles) to move throughout the sea. They are carnivorous creatures with the ability to capture prey ranging from microscopic larvae to adult crustaceans. This is done using their unique ‘colloblasts’, which act as a glue sticking their prey to them for consumption.

The array of color displayed by comb jellies and (other deep sea creatures also a variety of terrestrial animals) is caused by bioluminescence. This is primarily (but not always) caused by bacteria that live on or inside the animal, existing in a symbiotic relationship where the bacteria provides a variety of features used in reproduction, louring prey, deterring competition, as a form of communication and for camouflage and in return the bacteria receive resources for survival from its “host”. 

These are in low diversity with only a few hundred species in existence and are said to be the most basal lineage of animal known.


when I can’t pick a colour to dye my hair I streak it a few colours and then decide #eevoo #hair